About Andrew Youssef

Student, Teacher, Translator

Andrew Youssef was born in Egypt where he grew up. After high school, Andrew attended McMaster University where he received his Bachelor degree in Religious Studies. He then continued his education at the Orthodox School of Theology, in Trinity College, Toronto, where he received his Masters of Theological Studies. His thesis was titled, “Humanity of Christ in Oriental Orthodox Christology.”

Andrew is currently working on his PhD at Trinity College focusing on the Christology of Severus of Antioch, a saint of the Oriental Orthodox Church, and Maximus the Confessor, a saint of the Eastern Orthodox Church.

In addition to theological education, Andrew is working on finishing his training to become a hospital chaplain/Spiritual Care provider. Currently, Andrew serves as a Spiritual Care Practitioner at Sunnybrook Health Sciences Center. 

Andrew currently serves in the following capacities:

  • Lecturer of Church History – Patriarchal Toronto Orthodox Theological Academy
  • Course Instructor at the Orthodox School of Theology
  • President of the Orthodox Christian Fellowship chapter of Toronto
  • Board Member of the North American Academy of Ecumenists
  • Member of the Canadian Association of Spiritual Care 


Andrew co-translated Norman Russell’s Deification in the Greek Patristic Tradition from English to Arabic. Furthermore, Andrew translated articles by Fr. Matthew the Poor on ecumenism which are to be published by the Monastery of St. Macarius. In 2019, Andrew published a book review with the American Academy of Religion on Andre Stephanous’ Arabic Christian Theology and Gregg Blanton’s Contemplation and Counselling. In 2020, Andrew published his first book titled Father God or Mother Nature? From the Great Flood to COVID-19 where he explored themes such as divine wrath, natural disasters, suffering through Biblical and patristic lenses.


To watch Andrew’s lectures, feel free to visit his YouTube channel.  

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