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Humanity Vivified Blog

This blog serves to examines creation narrative and the human condition while shedding light on the process of healing humanity and vivifying the human being.

Kosher Christianity

Jews and Gentiles: Law and Early Christianity

As Christianity surfaced, it was adhered to not as a religion other than Judaism but rather as a continuation of Judaism where adherents believed Jesus to be the promised Jewish Messiah whose birth, life, death, and resurrection bring forth salvation to Israel and a light for the Gentile nations. Thus, early Christians, most of whom were of a Jewish descent, welcomed Gentiles to join the fold of God. At the core of the Christian faith is the celebration of the Eucharistic meal, the consecrated bread and wine that become truly and mystically the body and blood of Christ. The struggle then hinged on how Jewish Christians and Gentile Christians can share a single meal without Jewish Christians necessarily breaking their Kashrut laws.

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Passover Lamb

The Twofold Passover

Eastern Christians typically refer to the celebration of the Resurrection as Pascha rather than Easter. The Greek term pascha is derived from the Hebrew pesach meaning Passover. The term Pascha is employed differently across Eastern Christian traditions.

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Creation of Man

Adam and Divine Infatuation by Fr Tadros Malaty

God is love; and in His love, He created the soul, a breath emanating from Him, capable of love not on account of its own being, but on account of the soul’s relation to God, Who is unconditional love. The soul is on the image and likeness of God; it longs for Him; it is drawn to Him and is fulfilled by Him.

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Gregory Narek

A Prayer of St. Gregory of Narek

Grant me life, compassionate one. Hear me, merciful one. Show favor, forgiving one. Save, forbearing one. Defend, protector. Be benevolent, mighty one. Deliver, omnipotent one. Revive, restorer. Raise up again, astounding one. Enlighten, heavenly one. Heal, resourceful one. Grant pardon, inscrutable one. Reward with gifts, generous one. Adorn with grace, affable one. Reconcile, immaculate one. Accept, charitable one. Wipe away transgressions, blessed one.

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Ethiopian Church

Baptismal Robes: Life and Death in Christ

On a ride with a friend, he inquired “why do we put on white baptismal robes after we are baptized?” I pondered a bit then began answering him. This post you are about to read is a more polished version of my answer to her.

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