The Messiah in the Book of Revelation

Jesus Speaking to the Apostles

            While Revelation is the most prophetic text of the New Testament, it is not the only prophetic text. The Messiah offers eschatological prophecies (i.e., prophecies about end times) in the four Gospels. That said, our endeavour in this reflection will not be trying to uncover Revelation prophesies or attempting to tie them to contemporary […]

The Messiah in the Gospel of John

Jesus Speaking to the Apostles

Wine at the Wedding             The Gospel of John is certainly the most mystical and theological of the four gospels. While it contains numerous motifs and metaphors, we will pay close attention to the marriage banquet theme. The first of Jesus’ miracles, changing the water into wine at the wedding in Cana, takes place “on […]

The Messiah in the Book of Acts

Jesus Speaking to the Apostles

In the gospel of Luke, Jesus is the teacher of truth and the cleanser of the temple. His ministry was the blueprint for the ministry of the apostles. The latter will begin spreading the gospel beyond the temple and Jerusalem upon receiving the power of the Spirit. Thus, the disciples are painted in better light […]

S2 E3 Ecumenism: Friend or Foe?


You can listen to the episode on Anchor or Spotify. Transcript: Ecumenism. A loaded word that most people have very strong feelings about. Some hear it with a smile on their faces. Others have a tendency to have quite the frown when they hear it. And then there are most people who have no idea […]

The Messiah in the Gospel of Luke

Jesus Speaking to the Apostles

Luke and Genesis             The book of Genesis opens with the words, “In the beginning, God created heaven and earth”. The combination of heaven and earth was often used in stories surrounding the inauguration of temples where the gods dwelt with humans. Likely, the original recipients thought of the world as a cosmic temple in […]

The Messiah in the Gospel of Matthew

Jesus Speaking to the Apostles

The Gospel of Matthew and the Torah The gospel of Matthew begins with the words “Book of Genealogy” (Biblos Genosis in Greek) which sound like an allusion to Genesis in the Old Testament. This sets the tone for the gospel of Matthew mirroring the Torah in many ways. Like Moses, Jesus is seen persecuted by […]

The Messiah in the Gospel of Mark

Jesus Speaking to the Apostles

            Mark gave minimal attention to editing his Gospel for grammar and rhetoric. Often, the text runs like someone telling a friend a story over coffee with tangents, random commentaries on events, and even uses “immediately” like a crutch word. However, this is not to say that Mark does not use clever motifs. His favourite […]

Lent Series: We have found the Messiah

Jesus Speaking to the Apostles

    St. Andrew’s words to St. Peter, “we have found the Messiah” (John 1:41), ought to be our words at the end of each Great Lent. Thankfully, the Messiah already found us through the incarnation by which He sought after us who were lost. During Great Lent, we are invited to search for the Messiah throughout the life of the Church.

S2 E2: Vaccine and Mandates: A Theological Perspective

COVID-19: Wrath or Chance

 To listen to the episode on anchor, press here. To listen to the episode on spotify, press here. To listen to the episode on Apple Podcasts, press here.    COVID-19 Vaccines have been a topic of debate among many. And I will start with the disclaimer that what I know about science is very very […]

S2 E1 COVID-19: Wrath or Chance

COVID-19: Wrath or Chance

While few doubt COVID-19 is a fake virus at this point given the numbers of those who passed away because of it, there were religious figures who were trying to find some kind of link between COVID-19 and divine wrath and punishment for the human race…