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Humanity Vivified Blog

This blog serves to examines creation narrative and the human condition while shedding light on the process of healing humanity and vivifying the human being.

Jesus Speaking to the Apostles

Lent Series: We have found the Messiah

    St. Andrew’s words to St. Peter, “we have found the Messiah” (John 1:41), ought to be our words at the end of each Great Lent. Thankfully, the Messiah already found us through the incarnation by which He sought after us who were lost. During Great Lent, we are invited to search for the Messiah throughout the life of the Church.

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COVID-19: Wrath or Chance

S2 E1 COVID-19: Wrath or Chance

While few doubt COVID-19 is a fake virus at this point given the numbers of those who passed away because of it, there were religious figures who were trying to find some kind of link between COVID-19 and divine wrath and punishment for the human race…

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Stress Management: The Garden of Gethsemane

Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, fully God and fully man, represented us in all aspects savor sin. He is our supreme example and embodies what humankind should strive to become in all aspects. Amidst his time on earth in the flesh, our Lord encountered many struggles, turmoil, and difficulties.

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