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S2 E3 Ecumenism: Friend or Foe?


You can listen to the episode on Anchor or Spotify. Transcript: Ecumenism. A loaded word that most people have very strong feelings about. Some hear it with a smile on their faces. Others have a tendency to have quite the frown when they hear it. And then there are most people who have no idea […]

S2 E2: Vaccine and Mandates: A Theological Perspective

COVID-19: Wrath or Chance

 To listen to the episode on anchor, press here. To listen to the episode on spotify, press here. To listen to the episode on Apple Podcasts, press here.    COVID-19 Vaccines have been a topic of debate among many. And I will start with the disclaimer that what I know about science is very very […]

Stress Management: The Garden of Gethsemane


Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, fully God and fully man, represented us in all aspects savor sin. He is our supreme example and embodies what humankind should strive to become in all aspects. Amidst his time on earth in the flesh, our Lord encountered many struggles, turmoil, and difficulties.

Broken Not Divided: S1 E5 Education and Controversies

This episode is an interview between David Aziz and I conversing about the place of education (academic and ecclesial) in cultivating a better understanding of church history, the controversies surrounding it, and the way to move forward. This episode brings season 1 of Broken Not Divided to an end. See you in January 2022. To […]

Bonus Episode: Divine Eros

For this month, we are pausing on analyzing resolved and unresolved controversies. Instead, Fr. Dcn. Symeon Price and I chat about a controversial topic: Divine Eros.

Miracles: Friends or Foes?

Miracles: Friends or Foes?

Miracles: Friends or Foes? explores the validity and frequency of miracles attributed to figures like Kyrillos VI and Nektarious of Aegina…

Broken Not Divided: S1 E1-What are Controversies

Episode 1: What are Controversies? Christ is Risen. If you listened to last episode, you would know why I start each episode with the Pascha or Easter greeting. If not, then head over to the last episode.  Today’s episode is titled what are controversies Elif Shafak once said in her book, The Forty Rules of […]

Mental Health and Handling Suicide in the Coptic Orthodox Church

Mental Health and Suicide

On January 4th, 2020, Toronto residents—especially Copts—woke up to the horrific news of Moses Demian taking his own life. Unlike many other suicides that take place among members of the Coptic Orthodox Church that get brushed under the rug, this one couldn’t be as it made its way to the news. I believe this is […]

Broken Not Divided – Pilot Episode

Description This short episode simply answers questions about “Broken Not Divided.” It answers questions such as the agenda and structure of the podcast and my background in religious and theological education. Hope you enjoy this introductory episode.  Listen to the episode here: Or on Spotify: Transcript Christ is Risen You might wonder why […]

The Remembrance of Evil Entailing Death

Remembrance of evil entailing death

By Abraham Ghattas In the Divine Liturgy of Saint Basil, the Church prays to God to “cleanse us from all blemish, all guile, all hypocrisy, all malice and the remembrance of evil entailing death.”  It is a given to pray and prepare for future evil that is to come and we pray to God always […]