Bonus Episode: Divine Eros

For this month, we are pausing on analyzing resolved and unresolved controversies. Instead, Fr. Dcn. Symeon Price and I chat about a controversial topic: Divine Eros.

The Remembrance of Evil Entailing Death

Remembrance of evil entailing death

By Abraham Ghattas In the Divine Liturgy of Saint Basil, the Church prays to God to “cleanse us from all blemish, all guile, all hypocrisy, all malice and the remembrance of evil entailing death.”  It is a given to pray and prepare for future evil that is to come and we pray to God always […]

Drunkenness of Noah

Noah Drunkenness

            If you have ever visited the Sistine chapel, you will be impressed by the elaborate paintings by Michael Angelo. Amidst these paintings of creation and the flood, we find a marginal event depicted, namely that of the drunkenness of Noah.             Us finding the event to be marginal is deeply rooted in our inclination […]

From Paradise to Land

From Paradise to Land

Psychological Background There is a common phenomenon known by psychologists as external and internal attribution. I will give an example to illustrate what this phenomenon entails: Mark and John write a test and get 90%. Mark attributes his own success to his hard work (internal) while he attributes John’s success to how easy the test […]

The Trinity and Us

Holy Trinity

“True friends face the same direction, toward common projects, interests and goals” –C S Lewis  Humanity Divided            As time passed by, the world was divided by languages, tribes, occupations, etc. These divisions could not heal unless everyone desired unity. For many generations, humans failed to find a uniting factor. Centuries later, the Logos (the […]

Vision, Knowledge and Unity – Part II

Christ and Abba Mena

            I strongly recommend that you read the first paragraph of my last post published in June before you read this. Now we turn to the theme of knowledge and unity. I must begin with clarifying that in Christianity, knowledge is almost exclusively experiential and intimate. After the fall, Scripture says that Adam “knew his […]

Vision, Knowledge and Unity – Part I

Christ breaking the bread

The Mustein’s theory is a psychological theory that explains mate-selection process over three stages: (1) one selects a partner based on external characteristics, (2) one makes judgement about a partner based on similar values and interests and (3) finally the stage of working out future together. These three stages are analogous to three stages that […]

The Spirit and Femininity

The Spirit and the Feminine

Most modern readers tend to have great difficulty reading the book of Genesis which gives the woman the status of ‘a helper.’ Today, I hope to clarify what ‘helper’ really means. As most people know the Old Testament was written in Hebrew and was later translated into Greek. The translation is known as the Septuagint. […]

On Pascha by Melito of Sardis

Melito of Sardis

Purchase here Author: Melito of Sardis was a bishop of the second century in one of the churches in Rome. He was involved in an early Christian controversy concerned with when Easter is to be celebrated. Some believed the celebration should always be on the 14th of Nissan regardless of whether it was a Sunday […]

Emptiness: the Tomb, the Soul and the Church

Anastasis icon

Emptiness… Abandonment… death. These are words many of my friends, loved ones and occasionally myself have said over the past few months with the rise of covid-19. Most of us are forced to spend time alone and it is only then that we come face to face with who we truly are. Some are feeling […]