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S2 E1 COVID-19: Wrath or Chance

COVID-19: Wrath or Chance

While few doubt COVID-19 is a fake virus at this point given the numbers of those who passed away because of it, there were religious figures who were trying to find some kind of link between COVID-19 and divine wrath and punishment for the human race…

Father God or Mother Nature? From the Great Flood to COVID-19

Father God or Mother Nature

Purchase here How is God involved in global catastrophes such as COVID-19? Are pandemics a manifestation of divine wrath toward humankind? Is God loving or wrathful? Questions such as these have boggled the minds of both theologians and lay persons for centuries but once again come to the forefront with the outbreak of the current […]

COVID-19: The Church and the World


Since I have been getting a lot of questions regarding the Eucharist and the spread of the corona virus, I thought I would share some thoughts with you. Here are the facts:  1- The virus is spreading at high rates and some groups are more vulnerable than others   2- The Church has taken good measures to halt […]