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A Prayer of St. Gregory of Narek

Gregory Narek

Grant me life, compassionate one. Hear me, merciful one. Show favor, forgiving one. Save, forbearing one. Defend, protector. Be benevolent, mighty one. Deliver, omnipotent one. Revive, restorer. Raise up again, astounding one. Enlighten, heavenly one. Heal, resourceful one. Grant pardon, inscrutable one. Reward with gifts, generous one. Adorn with grace, affable one. Reconcile, immaculate one. Accept, charitable one. Wipe away transgressions, blessed one.

The Way of a Pilgrim

Beginning to Pray

Author: The name of the author is unknown. As the novel is an autobiography, you only get to know about the author as much as he decides to reveal about himself. Context:  The events take place in the monasteries and forests of Russia. More context would be spoiling a masterpiece for you. Content: The book […]