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A Letter to a Family Member


A dear family member asked me to compile an ordered list of books one should read in order to become theologically informed and patristically rooted. By the time I was done, I realized that what I wrote resembled a letter more so than a list. I thought it would be worth sharing with my larger […]

The Way of a Pilgrim

Beginning to Pray

Author: The name of the author is unknown. As the novel is an autobiography, you only get to know about the author as much as he decides to reveal about himself. Context:  The events take place in the monasteries and forests of Russia. More context would be spoiling a masterpiece for you. Content: The book […]

Beginning to Pray by Anthony Bloom

Beginning to Pray

Author: Andrei Bloom was born in 1914 in Switzerland. He spent his early childhood in Russia and Iran. During the Russian Revolution, the family left for Iran, and settled in Paris by 1923. He came to know Christ as a teenager. In 1939, before leaving for the front as a surgeon in the French Army, […]

On Wealth and Poverty by John Chrysostom

Wealth and Poverty by John Chrysostom

Author: John Chrysostom was born in Antioch around AD 347. He began his career in Antioch as a lawyer. He eventually gave up his career and became a hermit and began studying theology. Due to his vigorous asceticism, his health deteriorated and he returned to Antioch where he was ordained a deacon in 381. He […]

On Social Justice by Basil the Great

Social Justice by Basil the Great

Author: Basil the Great was born in 329 in Caesarea. He is one of the three Cappadocian fathers. The other two being Gregory of Nyssa, his brother, and Gregory of Nazianzus, known as the Theologian, his friend. Together they combated the Arian and Apollinarian heresies. Basil’s father was a lawyer and orator while his uncle […]

Father God or Mother Nature? From the Great Flood to COVID-19

Father God or Mother Nature

Purchase here How is God involved in global catastrophes such as COVID-19? Are pandemics a manifestation of divine wrath toward humankind? Is God loving or wrathful? Questions such as these have boggled the minds of both theologians and lay persons for centuries but once again come to the forefront with the outbreak of the current […]